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  Arecanut is deeply rooted in social and cultural life of India. It is widely used from time immemorial. It is an indispensable item in all religious functions. It is considered to be sacred and auspicious by the entire population in India. Areca Flower , Homable, is widely used in several religious , social and cultural occasions. It is a sign of peace, prosperity and well being.

            “In the Yunani system of India, the Betelnut is considered as digestive, astringent, and emmenagogue. It is recommended as a cardiac and nervine tonic and is used as an astringent lotion for the eyes. In Ayurveda, the unripe fruits are  considered as colling, laxative, and carminative, dried nuts are said to sweeten the breath, strengthen the gums, remove bad taste, and produce a stimulant and exhilarant effect on the system, improving appetite and taste".

It increases energy levels and brain activity while detoxifying the body, infused with antioxidants, works magic on skin hair. It cures digestive problems and can balance blood pressure .It cures infection and stomach ailments promising liver health. The vitamins and minerals cures sleeping disorders and relives muscle pain .It eases menstrual cycle function. It also helps in stroke recovery. 

 Every 100 grams of Arecanut contains




 4.2 g


 4.2 g


 48 mg





 Vitamin A


 Digestive Time

 3 hours



Vitamin B6