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Description Of Study Areca

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The Uttara Kannada (North Kanara) district is located in the Midwestern part of the state. “It lies between 74 9 ‘to 75 10’ East longitude and 13 55’ 15 31’ North latitude and extends over an area of 10,327 Sq. Km., which is 5.37 percent of total area of the state. It extends to about 328 Km. North, South and about 160 Km. East and West”. The Dist. Which has long and narrow strip of territory is surrounded by Belgaum District, and Goa Territory in the North, Dharwad Dist. in the East, Dakshina Kannada (south kanara) and Shimoga District in the south and Arabian sea in the West. The District geographically comprises hill stations and thick forest in the most of the parts. Its major part is essentially highland, the lowland being restricted to pockets along the courses of rivers. A somewhat broken and irregular Sahyadri range of centre hills with an average height of 700 meter’s divides the District in to two parts, the uplands or the regions above the Ghat with an area of nearly 7,770 Sq. Km., is 600 to 700 meters above sea level and low lands covering about 3370 Sq Km. Therefore, District has 3 main distinctive regions: The Coastal land comprising Karwar, Ankola, Kumta, Honnavar and Bhatkal Taluka, Sahyadrian interior (Upper ghat section) having Sirsi, Siddapur, Yellapur, Joida and Dandeli Taluka and the eastern margin covering Mundgod and Haliyal Taluka. The Sahyadri region is the green and gleaming compact which has significance as the belt of areca and spice for which it has been famous since antiquity. Rich red soil, perennial water supply, leaf manure and uniform  heat throughout the year and hereditary gardening are the major natural gifts of the nature to emerge and develop areca garden in this area. Therefore, even today the economy of the District revolves around agriculture and an overwhelmingly large majority of the people derives their substances from areca cultivation. The area of the District is 10327 Sq Km. Out of 7 rivers 5 are flowing towards west and 2 are moving towards east. The river water for irrigation is not being utilized to the preferred extent.  About 2362 hectare is irrigated from different sources. The plantation crops like Banana, Mango, Pineapple, Jackfruit, Sapota are also grown. About 15% of the natural forest resources are in Uttara Kannada. It is also famous for Medicinal Plants. Limestone, Manganese, Lime shell, Iron ore, Moldings sand, Bauxite, China Clay are notable mineral resources in the District. There is a wide scope for agro-based home and small scale industries in the Dist.

Total population 14,37,169
Mens 7,26,265
Womens 7,10913
Geographical Expansion 10277.33 sq km
Forest Land 813595 Hectares
Important Crops - 1. Rice 167061 Ton
 2.Areca  nut 47224 Ton
 3.Coconut 139901 Ton
 4.Cashew nut 2245 Ton
 5.Pepper 734.60 Ton
 6.Cardmom 103.50 Ton
 7.Mashed Corn 16563 Ton
Approximately 80,000Tons of fish are caught each year.
Large Scale Industries  5
Engineering Units  23
Others Industries 89
Small Scale Industies  684

Talukas - Karwar,Ankola,Kumata,