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Our gold ornament section provides for a unique advantage to the customers as well as members which is one of its kind in India. The ornament sold is tested in a machine for the purity of gold content in the ornament and accordingly the billing happens. The customer is charged the gold rate declared on that day only for the gold content in the ornament and rest of the other metals blended in the ornament for the stability of the ornament will be charged at their respective prevailing market rates. Further, there is no wastage charges for the customer and the institution retains only 2% as their margin after providing for ornament making charges paid for Goldsmith. Similarly the silver ornaments carry purity of 80% against the market practice of around 40% to 60% purity.

The customer has the option of small saving scheme “SAMRUDDHI GOLD SAVING SCHEME” where in the customer has the option of contributing on a monthly basis a small amount starting from as low as Rs 500 towards gold purchase and the gold gets purchased at the rate prevailing on that day making gold purchase as good as an SIP, thus making the gold purchase over the period at lower cost by averaging out method. This helps the members to plan for their children’s  wedding well in advance and reduces the burden to a large extent. The tenure varies from 24 months to 6 years and the contributor to the saving scheme is given additional SB interest rate on his entire contribution by the end of the period.

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Silver wares

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Direct and Indirect monetary benefits enjoyed by members  during 2017-2018

1 Artificial Insemination  expenses in co-alition with BIAF 14,72,404
2 Artificial Insemination expenses with suradhenu 1,80,000
3 Members welfare fund 96 9,60,000
4 Scholarship for members’ children 420 5,77,150
5 Charity fund for members  ‘ and their family in difficulty  151 9,98,411
6 Bonus on sale of agricultural commodities  55,61,060
7 Sales incentives to PACs for pooling their members’ produce 43,37,177
8 Incentives over kirani purchase 31,06,418
9 Extra price concession given to the farmers in TSS purchase 53 4,50,31,664
10 Interest rebate on one time settlement 61,62,531
11 Indirect savings for farmers in super market (assumed at 2%) 3,62,40,392
12 Vehicle rebate  6,04,612
13 Concession enjoyed by members @TSS Hospital 7,34,143
14 Members' daughters hostel expenses 50,000
15 For agriculture experts' advice and suggestions 9,24,615
16 Society's contribution for members' agri labour accident benefit scheme 18,30,000
17 PhD fellowship given to research students 2,10,000
TOTAL 10,89,80,577

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APMC Yard, Sirsi,  Uttar Kannada District, Karnataka State  Pin-581402



"We are the co-operatives every day commencing business routine with Lakshmi Pooja and Shanti Mantra followed by national anthem as preamble to evoke the sense of belongingness, co-operation and co-ordination among employees to work efficiently & effectively."



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Another adventurous experiment that TSS has undertaken recently is in the field of supplying materials and services for low cost housing and allied construction arena in this section TSS supplies Iron And Steel materials, TMT bars, flint beams, columns, roofing sheets, plumbing and piping materials and other fabrication materials used in Housing construction. It also supplies cement wall and floor tiles, sanitary wares, granites, kadappa marbles, paints and hardware materials  etc…It also arranges for the supply of sand, jelly, bricks and Precast blocks according to the requirement and order.

The unique service of TSS in this division comes from the fact that it also has facility for planning for the building, supervision of Engineers for construction and even supply of skilled labourers for construction  activities like masonry, Tiles fitting, Bar bending, Roofing sheets fitting Etc…which makes it a unique service for the farmers in the construction industry and helps the farmers in controlling costs associated with house building.