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A programmed platform to fetch high price to crops of farmers and purchase & sale of Arecanut for price stabilization.


Geographical Indication Tag:

As a part of effort to provide betel nut its rightful place especially betel nut from these region TSS embarked on a journey to procure geographical indication for betel nut being grown in and around Sirsi, Siddapur and Yellapur talukas in 2013. The thinking behind this is to provide the customers and consumers of Sirsi  betel nut and its products a genuine and unadulterated betel nut grown in this region only. This is significant because often private traders mix other regions’ grown betel nut which are of lower price in to Sirsi supari and sell as Sirsi supari and by taking this GI tag TSS wants to put a stamp of authenticity to the betel nut supplied by it to the customers. And this GI tag also signifies the popularity of betel nut and it is widely used in side India and TSS takes pride in getting this GI tag on behalf of the members and other growers of this region.

Just to give a brief about GI, in  this world of competition and globalization all counties of the world compete with each  other to sell various products and services be it  there own production or otherwise. Many of the items they sell to other countries may not necessarily be produced in their country so in order to differentiate the produce by a particular region/country and to retain the originality and their characteristics , their unique quality this system of Geographical indication has come to force in India in 2003. In this the area of production and their unique qualities and characteristics will be mentioned in the registered product. Till today there are 325 products registered under GI of which 39 products are from Karnataka. Now produce of Uttar Kannda district and traditional crop of this region “SIRSI SUPARI” has been given this coveted GI tag in 2019 and at TSS we are proud  to be part of this wonderful journey in securing and owning this “SIRSI SUPARI” GI tag on behalf of areca nut growers of this region.