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Cattle feed mixture unit

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Dairy Farming is considered as an integral part of most of agricultural activity since Vedic period. It is more so because of organic farming that farmers have practiced over the years by using cow dung with green leaves as organic manure and in house availability and usage of abundant supply of milk and milk products. This also resulted in sundry income for the family which flows throughout the month and gives throughout the year employment for the family members. In order to encourage  these farmers and control their cost of dairying, TSS has come out with many initiatives ; providing cattle feed mixture which suits the climatic conditions and milk yielding cows of this region is one of them.TSS buys maize in large quantity from growers  directly and uses protein formula given by reputed animal nutrition institute – NIANPM Bangalore.It has erected a small plant and machinery to manufacture this  cattle feed mix in the name of TSS Dhara and gets contract manufacturing for pellet form of cattle feed – Dhara Gold. It has an installed capacity of 3 Tons/day which is almost running to full capacity of production. There are many variants of cattle feed mixture  in various sizes and weight, such as TSS dhara in 50KG and 60KG gunny bags, TSS Dhara Gold in 30Kg bags TSS Dhara supreme in 25 KG bags, TSS economy mix, TSS maize cuttings etc…

 Besides manufacturing cattle feed TSS also supplies various branded cattle feeds manufactured by different companies such as JodNandi, Yarana, Laxmi, Deepam, Ananya, SahyadriBahutari, Vasavi Wheat powder, Bahumixi, special Wheat powder, Cottonseeds, Cotton oil cakes(HattikaluChapata), Ground nut cakes (Shenga Hindi), Pantanjali pallets and powder, Godrej HPMR, Bypro, Milkmore, Redlabel, Calfstarter, Calf grower. Also additional materials required for dairying like, Cotton husk, Moong Dal, Tur dal, Channadal, Ground nut husks and maize powder are regularly available for the farmers in the cattle feed division.

Following are the major cattle feed brands manufactured by TSS :

1. TSS Dhara

One who use TSS Dhara conquer with flow of milk is the experience shared by many members. TSS Dhara is available in 50k.g and 60k.g bags. The present price is Rs 1000/- for 50k.g and 1200/- for 60k.g bag and subject to vary with time and seasonal factors as cost of elements undergo changes.

Following are the major ingredients used for manufacture of best quality Dhara :

Maize, peanut cattle feed, cotton oil cakes, Vasavi and Chakra Bhusa (wheat powder) masoor/ toor dal and moong dal husk, (togari and hesaru chinny), cotton seeds and its powder, wheat powder, rice bran and salt in a scientific ratio are mixed. It is in the form of powder. While feeding to cows need to be mixed with sufficient water to get best results.

2. TSS Dhara Gold

Along with above mentioned ingredients molasses (kakambi) too added to convert powder form Dhara into pencil size pellets. It is available in 30k.g bags costing 625/- per bag. The market rate even though seems little bit high compared to Dhara, quality is such that animals never accept other brands once accustomed to TSS Dhara Gold brand.

3. TSS Dhara Supreme

The improved version cattle feed with the same ingredients mixed in different ratios to make the product of utmost good quality was launched to Market named as TSS Dhara supreme. The feed is available in 25k.g bags and priced 750/- per bag.

4. TSS Economy mix

This is one popular old brand manufactured by concentrating over lower class of the economy. This helps to serve that class of people who are not ready to spend much on cattle feed but they need feeds and secondly to dish up cows not giving milk.

5. TSS maize cuttings

Many have the practice of feeding maize powder as clean and green grass may not available in their garden land and surroundings. Hence to cater to their needs jowar cuttings are made and sold with the help of same plant.


As the product is once accepted and appreciated in the target markets and the product's marketing is heavily supported by affiliated societies,the marketer plans to launch the same in some other markets as it is new. Likewise, TSS also had a plan of marketing many of its products along with cattle feed in future. The required quantum of maize and other elements were stored in the go-down to keep manufacturing uninterrupted. 

Following are the major cattle feed brands marketed by TSS :

Besides, following are the famous brands sold here manufactured by different companies. They are :- Jod nandi, Yarana, Laxmi, Deepam, Ananya, Sahyadri Bahutari, Vasavi Wheat powder, Bahumixi, Special Wheat powder, Cotton seeds, Cotton oil cakes(hattikalu chapata), Ground-nut cakes(Shenga), Patanjali pellets and powder, Godrej HPMR, Bypro, Milk more, Red label, Calf starter, Calf grower, Cotton husk, Moong dal, Toor dal, Channa dal, Ground nut husks and Maize powder are the brands regularly available in cattle feed mixing division. The billing is done in rice mill office.