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Building Construction Section

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Another adventurous experiment that TSS has undertaken recently is in the field of supplying materials and services for low cost housing and allied construction arena in this section TSS supplies Iron And Steel materials, TMT bars, flint beams, columns, roofing sheets, plumbing and piping materials and other fabrication materials used in Housing construction. It also supplies cement wall and floor tiles, sanitary wares, granites, kadappa marbles, paints and hardware materials  etc…It also arranges for the supply of sand, jelly, bricks and Precast blocks according to the requirement and order.

The unique service of TSS in this division comes from the fact that it also has facility for planning for the building, supervision of Engineers for construction and even supply of skilled labourers for construction  activities like masonry, Tiles fitting, Bar bending, Roofing sheets fitting Etc…which makes it a unique service for the farmers in the construction industry and helps the farmers in controlling costs associated with house building.