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The role of TSS is not just prominent but commendable and commemorative with respect to safeguarding the interest of members since 95 years. Its contribution for the overall economic development of more than 30000 members and their families in different forms is really adaptive and imitative. The trust of members over objectives of the society based on co-operative principles is really worth emulating and has worked wonders. During the situation of falling prices, changes in demand and supply, government policies, tobacco issues, gutkha and pan masala bans, natural calamities, import and export policies, galloping taxation procedures which are having adverse effect on areca prices, a team of Board members along with known co-operators has approached and appealed several times before the government and courts in the interest of members.

We know from the studies that market is the laboratory for business people and finance is the life blood of commerce. Drawing meanings and judgments from the market and en-cashing the same by delivering products and services matching customer taste and preferences calls for a big research job to be done.  In the literal sense marketing is not an easy job and accidental. TSS in the interest of members and by recognizing ample opportunities and scope for rendering valuable and respectable services has undertaken such a risk of marketing of garden produces in three different phases as areca-nut and pepper are the main crops of people residing here.

  I. Garden Produces

1) Areca nut, Pepper and Cardamom

II. Agriculture Requisites And Consumables

1) Agri Super Marker

2) Super Market

3) Medical

4) Cattle Feed etc,.

Note - Information about above matters are available in respective sections.


TSS has created a platform for sale of areca nut, pepper and other crops of garden land. As mentioned in the early history people are lacking such an organized and transparent facility and platform to sell their agri. produces. With the commencement of society a member can bring his all types of agri. produces here during office hours either for sale or to stock. TSS has followed closed tender system to quote prices by traders that benefit members. The society collects 2% commission from traders and 1.5% commission from co-operative societies and only weighing and hamali charges are levied on members. Members are allowed to stock their produces in go-downs to take advantage of fluctuating price and loan against stock. A nominal rent charges are collected for stock. The very reason primary co-operative societies are affiliated to TSS is because of absence of selling platforms in their region and also pooling their members’ produce and bringing their produce for sale, in return they also get finance facility for extending loans to their members which is called – “ Linking Credit with Marketing” – one of the crucial features of business model of TSS. Marketing activities are licensed, monitored and controlled by Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) as they are eligible for market cess due to areca nut and pepper are termed regulated agriculture commodities.


In order to maintain Steady rate in the market and ensure better price for members TSS also participate in the open tender and compete with other private traders so that it can prevents the traders from taking undue advantage of adverse market conditions and maintain study market price when there is low demand for arecanut – this very operation by TSS acts as a Market Intervention Program for farmers.  A separate section is established to perform and monitor all such activities – stocking, grading, fumigation, packing etc. Here areca purchased is graded into sizes and then further hand - picked for quality to make them into various grades as per demand preference of various regions of India. By maintaining consistent quality coupled with regular supply TSS able to dictate terms   in the market and command premium for its betelnut in its own brand name. Another important USP of TSS betelnut is that the institution has taken Geographical Indication ( GI Tag) for “SIRSI SUPARI” in 2019.


In the third phase, to create further demand for areca nut  and to promote healthier usage of arecanut TSS has started manufacturing Scented Sweet Supari by utilizing part of its own purchase of arecanut. In this division arecanut cut into piece of 4-10mm and sugar boiled, sun dried and then coated with perfumes before packing in sachets of  Rs. 0.50 to Rs.5.00 in  brand names of TSS Tiger, TSS Gold, TSS Arjun, TSS Train, TSS Spoorti. This establishment helps TSS in hedging its risks in trading raw arecanut and also has provided employment to more than 400 people apart from these products being the face of the institution throughout India. TSS also cuts raw supari into various shapes called mumry, slice and diamond cuttings in pack sizes of half kg, one kg and 65 kg and supplies to pan shops directly.

Note - Our brands and products are available in product option.