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Main Objectives

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 1. To sell or facilitate for marketing of Members’ Agricultural Produce in the domestic or international market.

 2. To purchase produces belonging to members and to sell them in domestic or international markets.

 3. To give loans and advances to members on their raw or processed produces.

 4. To give production loans to the members and member Co-operative societies.

 5. To provide loans to the members' of the Society for special medical expenses.

 6. To give education loan to dependents of members' for their higher education.

 7. To Undertake processing activity of agricultural produces of the members.

 8. To own and to run medical stores, lodging and petrol pump.

 9. To supply the members through their local society or by other means manure, seed, agricultural implements etc., required for agricultural                 activities and supply of essential domestic goods and to nominate individuals or societies as the representatives of the Society.

10. To supply food grains and general goods.

11. To Purchase vehicles carrying the goods for transportation and to provide them on hire basis to members for transportation of produces or             other agricultural goods.

12. To provide safe deposit locker facility to members to keep ornaments and valuables.

13. To export agricultural produces or processed materials and to open sale depots at consumption centers.

14. To arrange for the stock, pooling, packing and grading of the agricultural products of members.

15. To act as agent of primary agriculture co-operative societies for the recovery of production loans given by them to their members and to                 act  as agent of Federal co-operative institutions to market  agricultural produces and for supply of agricultural needs and consumer goods.

16. To hire or own buildings and go-downs, own warehouses and also to undertake warehousing business.

17. To open branches, depots, go-downs and retail shops within the area of operation of the Society.

18. To open show rooms to accomplish the objectives of the Society.

19. To encourage economy, self-help and co-operation among the members.

20. To encourage members to grow pure and quality agricultural produces.

21. To inform members regarding “modern agricultural methods”.

22. To collect cheques, demand drafts on behalf of members of the Society.

23. To undertake production and sale of agricultural tools and implements and to establish workshops.

24. To collect money either in the form of shares or loan.

25. To accept deposits from members.

26. To accumulate death benefit fund/ old age fund/ emergency fund to facilitate members and to provide monetary relief to the members’                    family.

27. To undergo agreement with general insurance, corporations, life insurance corporations for the purpose of providing financial stability and                insurance facility to the members of society and their dependents.

28. To provide, promote and to disseminate Co-operative education and also other education.

29. To aid for the development of charitable health centers and hospitals within the area of operation of Society in the best interest of the                  public.

30. To take necessary steps to enable members for agriculture associated activity and promote inter-cropping and multiple cropping,                                development of the same, provide necessary raw materials or finished products for dairying and other agricultural activities either by                      purchasing or by manufacturing, hiring technical experts or enter in to agreement with any institution for development of dairying.

31.  Provide pledge loan on gold ornaments or pure gold coins/bars and rollout and mange various gold saving schemes.

32. To undertake any other associated activities to develop and strengthen Society’s business and for achievement of the objectives mentioned              in (1) to (31) above and for the betterment of agriculturists.


Sirsi, Siddapur and Yellapur taluk entirely and Ankola and Belale revenue circle of Ankola taluk and kumbarawada revenue circle of joida taluk and Pala revenue circle of Mundagod taluk of Uttara Kannada district are covered in the area of operation of the society. Since from the formation of the society above mentioned statement holds good. But, as in the year 2014 when society planned to open branch at Mundgod, the needed amendment was made and get approved by the Registrar of Co-operative Societies. Again in the year 2017, as the society's objective of providing service to bigger community when thought of, excluding Karwar one taluk of Uttara Kannada district remaining ten taluk are covered under the province of the society. Dandeli was declared as new taluk in 2018, hence, now area of operation comprises eleven taluks out of twelve of Uttara Kannda district.